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Manu, artist and co-manager of the Naïa Museum, graduated in graphic and visual art, invites you to discover the museum during guided tours. This accompanied discovery allows her to share with you her passion for rich universes of meaning and sensitivity. She offers an educational perspective on the art world in general, and more particularly on the world of the imaginary arts and other possible realities. Fantastic realism, visionary art, science fiction, pop-surrealism, symbolism, playful art, outsider art and singular art find here a unique place of expression.


School groups


The Naïa Museum provides visits to students around 8 axes:

  • To explain the construction of an artistic project, taking a work or an artist as an example (the intention, the approach, the tools, the materials, the technique, the constraints, the way(s) of distribution, the consideration of the spectator...). Describe the links between the museum, the works, the artists and the public.

  • To place the student in an active approach that leads him to draw from his knowledge and skills in order to understand the world of the imaginary arts.

  • To show the diversity of art forms, including digital art and the new creative horizons it represents.

  • To bring a specific vocabulary to the art world.

  • To open the field of knowledge of the students on the underground artistic currents, which find in the Naïa Museum a unique way of diffusion specifically dedicated to their approach. The museum is a tool for opening up to the world and to difference. He proposes to explore mythology, legends, spirituality, civilizations, history, cultures... in short, humanity.

  • To get students to express, verbalize their feelings, their emotions, in front of a piece of work. Encourage them to become autonomous in the interpretation of a creation, to trust themselves in their ability to discern the artistic message. Guide them in describing a work. Develop their sensitivity.

  • To show the interconnection of a work with its time (modern tools, scientific knowledge and advances that offer new levels of reading of the reality around us...).

  • To propose a transdisciplinary pedagogical tool which makes it possible to cross common knowledge to several universes (artistic, scientific, literary, technological, philosophical, historical...).


Practical school information

Prices: 50€ for the guide package + 4€ / person

Duration: 1 hour

Composition of the group: from 10 to 30 people maximum (beyond the group is split)


Guided tours for groups


During a guided tour, Manu makes you discover art forms which are not well known to the general public. She accompanies you in a universe that encourages the imagination, gives you the keys to understand the unknown worlds transcribed by the artists, and offers you an immersion in the heart of dreaming.


To organize a stay or a seminar in Rochefort-en-Terre, find more information on the website of the Tourist Office of Rochefort-en-Terre.


Practical group information

Prices: 50€ for the guide package + 4€ / person

Duration: 1 hour

Composition of the group: from 10 to 30 people maximum (beyond the group is split)

Free visits for groups


Practical group information

Prices: 4€ / person

Duration: free

Composition of the group: from 10 persons

A complete educational offer in Rochefort-en-Terre


Located in Rochefort-en Terre, a historical site and animated by a strong artistic and cultural heritage, the discovery of the Naïa Museum can be an opportunity to program an educational day out. The walk gives the opportunity to dive into medieval history, or why not into the more recent history of Naïa the witch or Alfred Klots, American painter at the origin of the rebirth of the castle.

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