Located in the park of the castle of Rochefort-en-Terre , a village of character located in Morbihan in Brittany, the Naïa Museum is a unique place in Europe . Private museum, it is also a gallery which offers works for sale.

In the fantastic and visionary universe of Naïa are exhibited sculptures, paintings, digital works, kinetic works, photographs, videos, comics and illustrations ...

Developing curiosity, inspiring dreams, providing emotions, inviting the imagination and open-mindedness, this is the museum's primary intention.

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The arts of the imagination are not strictly speaking an artistic movement. It is a theme, common to several movements, often underground, which place the imagination at the center of their approach.

The NaÏa Museum is a space of expression highlighting artists who find it difficult to find their place in more conventional structures.

Each year, in March, the site closes its doors for a month to reinvent itself: the  scenography is redesigned every year.

New works are integrated, some stay and others go. It is an opportunity to create a new dialogue, to build another message, to create other connections between the works, the place and the public.


Les Fondateurs

Découvrez qui sont les artistes à l'origine de ce lieu unique


Les Arts de l'Imaginaire

Découvrez les mouvements artistiques présents au sein du musée


Le Lieu

Découvrez les différents

espaces du musée


La Démarche

Découvrez la pensée qui se cache derrière la structure du musée

« Il y aura toujours une certaine proportion de gens qui ressentiront une curiosité brûlante à propos des espaces extérieurs inconnus, et un désir brûlant d’échapper à la prison du connu et du réel, pour atteindre ces pays enchantés de l’aventure incroyable que nous ouvrent les rêves [...].» 

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