The Naïa Museum is not only a museum, it is also a gallery, where art lovers and collectors will find pieces to acquire, either in the shop part or in the museum part.

The shop

To enter the Naïa Museum boutique is to take a first step into an unusual world of emotions and reverie, to enter the world of the imaginary arts.


What you can find in the shop:

  • small sculptures from 40€

  • silver or brass jewellery for less than 100€

  • original drawings

  • limited editions of prints

  • books (either edited by the artists of the current installation, or who speak about them)

  • signed art books

  • some small original paintings

  • postcards, posters, bookmarks


Only creations or products related to the artists on display are available.

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Vincent Fouquet
Alain Bellino
Hervé Koura
Remi Trotereau
Gilles Courat
Peter Mohrbacher
François Rouiller
Eric Scala
Stan Manoukian
Tim Roosen
Thomas Dubief
Patrice "Pit" Hubert
Benoit Polvèche "Benalo"
Yann Minh
Adeline Martin
Pierre Fablet
Willy Bihoreau
Manu Van.H.
Catherine Wilkening
Kim Evans
Matthew Clift
Frédéric Louvier
Willy Blix
Mathieu Duval
Ciam Création
Android Jones
Fred Rességuier
Murielle Belin
Séverine Pineaux
Alfred Klots
Paul Toupet
Eric Dunn
Pierre Yvan Didry
Liba Warring Stambollion
Andrew Gonzalez
Peter Gric
Yoann Lossel
Jef Bertels
Yoann Penard
Timea Tallian
Andrea Baiardo
Frédéric Hubert
Jakub Rozalski
Charles Sykes
Jacques Lelut
Delphyne V.
Martina Hoffmann
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