Do you feel up to it?

Walk through the door of the Naïa museum, and take up the witch's challenge!


Naïa the shaman was endowed with fabulous powers.

She spoke all languages, saw the invisible and could travel through the dimensions.

When she disappeared, she left behind a strange pyramidal object, with this message:

"Anyone who would like to obtain her powers must first be worthy of them."

Participation is by reservation only, either:

by email, phone or directly at the museum reception desk.


On the museum's opening days.

Teams must be between 3 and 6 players over 11 years old.

Be careful, the level of play is not adapted for children under 11 years old and the game is in French!

Design et conception du jeu:

Conception et écriture du jeu: Rémi Fusade, Drella Hubert et Ange Hubert.

Design et réalisation Pyramide: Patrice Pit Hubert artworks

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